Umwelt Arena, Spreitenbach

Umwelt Arena


Project Facts:

  • Spreitenbach, Schweiz
  • Kommunalt byggeri
  • Completion: 2012

Uponor involvement

  • 5.000 sqm

Here visitors will find all the information and products they need for an "environmentally responsible lifestyle" under one roof. The Environmental Arena itself makes a further significant contribution to the topic of sustainability: Despite measuring over 11,000 m², the building will operate with a neutral carbon footprint. The spectacular architecture also provides the basis for Switzerland's largest integrated photovoltaic heating system. With the expected potential to attract approx. 300,000 visitors each year, the Environmental Arena is the brainchild of W.SCHMID AG in Glattbrugg ZH, which is responsible for the management of the project. The architectural design was entrusted to René Schmid Architects, Zurich. The Environmental Arena is being built by W.SCHMID AG. Innovative building automation systems The building automation systems used are as innovative and sustainable as the Environmental Arena itself. Instead of using a conventional cooling unit, the Environmental Arena uses the heat of the sun to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. The Environmental Arena is heated and cooled using a system of pipes installed in the concrete ceilings that measures around 60 kilometres in length (TABS system). Water circulates in the roughly nine kilometres of ground register pipes laid under the foundations of the lower parking level In summer this uses a heat exchange to supply cold water to the network of pipes, while using the heat in the soil to supply hot water to the system in winter. In addition, the excess heat is again stored in the underground storage facility in the summer, enabling it to be used to provide heat next winter. When it came to choosing the right partner for the ground registers, Uponor and its high-quality pipes won out. At total of 9,615 metres of size 25 PE-Xa pipe contribute to a pleasant and evenly balanced climate. However, Uponor not only supplied the pipes, but also provided support in the laying and simulation stages.

Information om projektet

Umwelt Arena AG Türliackerstrasse 4 8957 Spreitenbach +41 56 418 13 00




Type af projekt

Kommunalt byggeri

Uponor Contec


René Schmid Architekten, Ellen-Widman-Weg 6, 8050 Zürich

Commercial Builders:
W. SCHMID AG Immobilienentwicklung und Generalunternehmung, Sägereistrasse 29, 8152 Glattbrugg

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