Waste water and potable water pipelines between the Rosendal and Kungsängen/Boländerna districts, Uppsala

Safe and Sustainable

Uppsala is one of the oldest cities in Sweden. Today it is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Over the next few years, completely new neighbourhoods with approximately 14,000 new homes will be built in southern areas of the city. Weholite ensures safe and reliable transportation of stormwater and waste water - and safety is of utmost importance because the newly installed pipelines will run through a water protection area.

Uppsala with its population of 170,000 is Sweden´s fourth-largest city, and today faces strong pressures to grow and develop. During the next few years, approximately 7,000 new homes will be built in Rosendal, a district located a few kilometres south of the city centre. In addition, plans to build approximately the same number of homes in Ulleraker, close to Rosendal, are being drafted. Since large parts of these districts do not have water supply or sewerage, the municipal water utility Uppsala Vatten och Avfall is building new main pipelines for both stormwater and waste water between the Rosendal, Kungsängen and Ulleraker districts.

Project Facts:

  • Uppsala, Sweden
  • Kommunalt byggeri
  • Completion: 2020

Uponor involvement

  • 1350 metres Weholite dimension 500-1200 mm

Built to last for more than 100 years

The customer selected structured-wall Weholite for the pipes. Since the pipelines are being installed through a water protection area, it was essential that the pipe system has been proven to be thoroughly reliable and durable. Weholite is built to last for more than 100 years. Furthermore, it is efficient and fast to install thanks to its lightweight, long pipe lengths and prefabricated, customized and ready-to-install products. Uponor Infra has delivered 1,350 metres of Weholite pipes in dimensions of 500-1200 mm as well as 16 waste water manholes for the project.

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Kommunalt byggeri

INF_Weholite for sewer gravity


Everything is working just fine. At our regular meetings with Uponor, it´s easy to raise any questions, and we solve the things together right away. Uponor Infra´s products are of high quality and are delivered on time. In spite of poor soil conditions, which have complicated construction work for Uponor Infra´s welders, the project is running according to plan, says Marcus Norlén, Supervisor at contractor SH Bygg, Sten and Anläggning AB.

Customer: Uppsala Vatten och Avfall
Consultant: Ramboll
Distributor: Ahlsell AB, Uppsala
Contractor: SH Bygg, Sten och Anläggning AB

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